New blog. @ Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hey hunnies.
Just to let you guys know that I've made a new blog already. :)
I'll let you guys know the link soon as Im still updating it & all. :D
I'll update this blog again once I've finish updating my new blog.
See you guys soon. (I guess?)


LOL. @ Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everybody~ Spazz now. :D

I give you permission.

This is sho hawt. ;D Im kidding.

Can you believe my angel watches these types of videos?

Fakie angel alert ~ -_-.

Heyya(: @

Hey people. :D
I feel like changing my blog link.
Whatddaya think?
Something fancy or whatever? 0:
Okayyyy...maybe something not too fancy,but just okayokay. 0;
I know you guys don't know what Im talk about but still >:(
If you have any ideas or whatever let me know. :D
I'll make sure not to let my blog die in this cruel way by not updating it. Heeehee !
Alright. (:
Im busy,even tho its holidays.
Im busy as in, I've been gaming alot. & I mean it when i say ALOT.
Im crazy D:
I still have to go shower .
Ciao , darlings (:

Dude, I don't know why you keep on hurting me. :l Seriously.
Im not a toy,you know.
You play with me & then throw me aside when you're bored. -_-
& you are like,moodless everyday? :O Please. Just because you're moodless doesn't mean you should take it out on me.
Its hurtful you know. D:

Sup. @ Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sup babeh. :D
Guess what?
Im back.
It's been awhile.
Months? . _ .
Sorraye for being so inactive . >:(
I didn't really have anything to blog about & Im lazy. D:
You can contact me on twitter tho , Im more active there . <3
AH .
I think my blogger has been hacked? -_-
Why do I have a new blog called 'NOTHING' ?
aish . D:
Anyways .
I won't blog as much as long time ? :O
But I'll still reply tags & link ex is still avaliable . <3
& if you wan't me to add you in MSN just ask kay ? :D
Im gonna go reply tags nao then I have to go shower .
Baibai . :)

♥ , Destiny . @ Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hii bbys ~
The title is so not random.
It's TVXQ's song title.
I loveeeee that song alot. :)
But 'Kiss The Baby Sky' is still my fav.
That song is so sweet!
& Jae is too cute! :D
What's not to love about TVXQ?
Im blogging because my maple is so laggy.
Im lvl 34 now. Kinda slow ): .
92 % now tho. :p
My internet was kinda crappy just now. :'(
Hey bytch, don't think I don't know.
That sentence above isn't random, just so you know.
Its just for that someone to know.
If you don't know who I aim-ed that sentence to, too bad. :)
& I warn you, don't simply say that Im saying that sentence to you.
I'll give you hell, I swear.
Went to the dentist just now. :)
It was okayyy for me . :O .
But for my bro...hahaha. You get it. Maybe. Whatever.
Uhm, Imma go maple now!

• Facts . @ Friday, September 3, 2010

Uhm , so here are some YcLim facts since Im bored . :)

• I think Kpop is awesome.
• I love Super Junior,SHINee,TVXQ & CN Blue like mad .
• Im a maknae lover , my fav magnae is Kyuhyun followed by Taemin (L)
• I hate Antis.
• I love fangirling about my oppas. (Y)
• Im addicted to SHINee's Ring Ding Dong . :)
• I think Taemin looks cute when he is drinking milk in Ring Ding Dong. (L)
• Im currently listening to Ring Ding Dong. Right now. This instant.
• I've just started playing maple again the day before yesterday.
• Maple's having a patch now .
• Its my school holiday now! happyhappy.
• To the people that bullied Taemin in school , you dare to bully him again & I'll come to your school & whack you . Understand?!
• Yc says goodbye. *waves*

._. . @

One of the latest pics of Taemin. He is so fine.Taeminnie why sho cute?! (A)

Sighs. :'(
Did he ever do anything to you ?
He just goes to school to learn , okay !
Im was so freaking angry & sad at the same time when I 1st read about it.
You guys have no shame la!
Don't be shock when many Taemints & Shawols hate on you.
Correction , they already hate you .
Don't show your face in public anymore .

Taemin oppa , you have to stay strong ! Please.
I beg you.
Its okay. Everything will be okay.

I know it's late but...
I wanna thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday. :)
I ♥ YOU !!
Really , I do ~
Special thanks to my bestie for the bday email. Im touched . :D ILYISM.